The renewal of the Otaniemi campus is already in full swing. The large construction sites are progressing quickly and provide a glimpse of what is to come. The core of the campus is set to be completed around 2020.

Aalto City emerges in the core of Otaniemi



New buildings for the School of Business and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture are being built in the heart of the campus, next to the Otakaari 1 building, designed by Alvar Aalto, and the metro station. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

A large construction site is located at core of the Otaniemi campus and four new buildings are being built. The Dipoli building is undergoing renovation. The construction projects are under the coordination and management of Aalto CRE (Aalto University Campus & Real Estate), who will also provide information on the progress of work.

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Väre and School of Business construction progressing



The frame of Väre is almost completed. Maarintie 13 is situated behind this building. Photo: Kalle Kataila.

Väre is a new building for the use of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Its construction began in late 2015 and the building is estimated to be complete in summer 2018. At Maarintie 13 in the northern part of the construction site, work has started on the new building for the School of Business. The new block will also house the metro station and the Aalto University Metro Centre, with its shops and services. 

The construction site is in a central location of the campus. Bus, car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic have been directed to an alternate route. 

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is preparing for its move from Arabia to Otaniemi. Working groups made up of students, faculty and staff are planning the operations and solutions in the new building.

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Webcam of the Väre building site
Webcam of the School of Businessa building site

Shops and services in the Metro Centre



The Aalto University metro station is close to the heart of the Otaniemi campus. Illustration Länsimetro / ALA Architects.

The Metro line running through Otaniemi is under  construction. In 2018, the Aalto University Metro Centre will be completed next to the metro station and the Väre building, which will contain university operations as well as commercial services.

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The former Dipoli building to become a showcase for the University 



Dipoli’s renovation will respect the building’s unique original architecture. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

The Dipoli building (Otakaari 24) is being renovated to become Aalto University’s main building. It will become showcase and entryway to Aalto University, where the university management and some of the service staff will work. Dipoli changed owners in 2014 from the student union to the university itself. The renovation will be completed in the summer of 2017.