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The Aalto University campus is a meeting place for the university, its partners and the residents of the area. The university’s facilities at all of its three campuses are available for short or long term rental.

Book a venue and organise an event

We offer a diverse range of facilities for various events, such as meetings, seminars and congresses. Over 100 venues are available in the campus areas of Otaniemi, Töölö and Arabia.

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Campus maps

Aalto University has three campuses: the main campus, Otaniemi, is in Espoo and the other two, Töölö and Arabia, are in Helsinki. We also have sites in Mikkeli, Pori and Vaasa.

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Opening hours

Check the opening hours of the Otaniemi, Arabia and Töölö campus buildings.

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Taking the environment into account

The University is actively reducing the environmental effects of its buildings’ energy consumption, waste and transport. It’s easy to come to the main campus in Otaniemi without a car as well: around 95% of the students and 55% of the personnel travel to the campus with public transport, by bike or by walking. The campus also offers campus bikes for personnel.

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How do I get to the Otaniemi campus?

Otaniemi is located in Espoo, 10 km from the centre of Helsinki. The campus is easily accessed with public transport from Helsinki as well as elsewhere in Espoo. There are currently three large construction sites in Otaniemi that cause changes to local routes

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How do I get to the Töölö campus?

The School of Business also has facilities in Etu-Töölö, Helsinki. There are four buildings in the area: the main building (Runeberginkatu 14-16), Arkadia, Chydenia and Economicum. The Töölö campus is a host to the School of Business’ Master’s and Doctoral students as well as to research activities.

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How do I get to the Arabia campus?

A large part of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture's operations are at Arabia (Hämeentie 135). It is the site of Media Centre Lume as well as study and work spaces, among other things.
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Other locations

A unit of the School of Business operates at the Mikkeli university centre, where it is possible to complete an English language bachelor's degree (BScBA) in the International Business programme.
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The Western Finland Design Centre (Muova) operates in Vaasa. It is a joint unit of the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture and the University of Vaasa. Muova is a research and development centre offering design, research, and educational services.
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The Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University (PUPA) operates at the University Consortium of Pori in cooperation with four universities, providing the framework for mutual interaction between the arts and science.
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